Yes You Can… protect your career by transitioning into a future-proof job… go back to school and start working again in four months… have a lifelong partner for your career… become a security analyst, with no prior experience or education…

COVID has completely changed how the world operates. We've never been through a period of labor and education upheaval like the one we're currently going through. 30%1 of Americans have either lost their job or had their income reduced in the past few months.

People are wondering where to turn to in order to get back on their feet. In times of crisis, we have historically turned to our institutions for guidance and help. But that social bond of trust has been broken.

You can't afford to take a chance on schools with poor graduation rates2.

You can't afford to go $37,0003 into debt and take 6 years to graduate4 from traditional college.

And you can't afford to sit on the sidelines while the world rapidly changes - waiting for these institutions to help. Over 60% of people are looking to go back to school in order to improve their chances at a better life5.

It's time for a new relationship between an institution and an individual.

One that isn't debt-based. One that isn't over the moment you graduate (or don't). One that is keeping up with the changing labor market.

We've designed The Prelude Institute to be your partner for the rest of your working life. Here's what we believe - and how we operate:

We selected Cybersecurity SOC Analyst as our first job because we are confident that you, without any prior education or experience, can transition into the career after four months of training. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and this entry-level career pays $68,000, with a path to many additional advanced positions. There is a major job shortage6 within cybersecurity (that is growing), ensuring a future-proof career.

Unsure of whether you're the right fit? Take a read through what it's like to be in the job. Check out some of our prior outcomes. Email us if you have any questions.

If you're ready to get started, apply below. We look forward to launching our next class once we can safely resume in-person training.

— The Prelude Team

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