SOC Analyst Cohort 2 Training Timeline and Key Information

We Will Train You To Become A Cybersecurity Analyst In 15 Weeks - Zero Previous Experience Required.

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1 Application Process (January 2020 — May 2020)

Candidates submit online assessment and TPI sends invitation to schedule a phone interview.

Selected applicants will be notified through rolling admissions process of acceptance and next steps.

2 Enrollment Process (March 2020 — June 2020)

June 05 - Students must sign the Student Enrollment Agreement.

June 26 - Payment deadline for first half of tuition ($5k).

Early July- Laptop pick-up (if residence is outside WA, NH or MA, or student is unable to appear in person, it will be mailed out).

3 Training (June 2020 — October 2020)

Students begin by completing the pre-training preparatory work on their own to have additional background prior to training.

Live, full-time training runs July 13 - October 23- this will be conducted online via live Zoom conferencing for Cohort 2 due to COVID-19.

October 9 - Payment deadline for second half of tuition ($5k).

4 Placement (September 2020 — March 2021)

Students begin interview preparation during training while working with TPI to align preferences in order to begin the employer matching process.

Employers may conduct interviews toward the end of training.

Full employment matching services and additional training provided.

5 Full-Time Employment (November 2020+)

Begin full-time work as a Tier 1 SOC Analyst as early as November 2020. TPI continues to provide onboarding support and training reinforcement.

6 Membership

Once key milestones are met, graduates are invited to join TPI's membership for benefits including ongoing training, career coaching and additional support.

Key Information

  • Training period: Mon 7/13/2020 - Fri 10/23/2020
  • Daily full-time schedule: 7am-3pm PST 10am-6pm EST Including 1+ hours of scheduled breaks throughout the day

Federal holidays will be observed and class will not be held.


Training will be conducted fully-online due to COVID-19 for the foreseeable future.

We are open to applications from anywhere, but have a preference for those located in New Hampshire (and surrounding regions) and Washington.

We have classrooms in both locations that we will use to support candidates.

Team (Structure)

TPI has designed our program to ensure your success. Your team will include:

  • Industry-expert instructors
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Student Success Specialists to provide wrap-around services support and aid in employer matching and job placement

We will also be bringing in guest speakers and former students for inspiration and connections.


Tuition is $10,000.

Tuition will be collected in two payments: Payment 1 ($5,000) is due prior to enrollment

Payment 2 ($5,000) is due prior to graduation

There are no additional fees for the laptop or other software and programs required for the training.

TPI is not accredited (we do not issue debt or student loans), but is licensed as an Eligible Training Provider in both New Hampshire and Washington. Workforce grants can be applied to TPI.


TPI will provide each accepted student with a laptop (at no additional charge) as well as software for collaboration and remote learning.

Since this is a full-time, fully-remote program, students will need to:

  • Have high-speed internet access
  • Have the time/ability to focus full time
  • Actively participate throughout the day -Time commitment of class hours and if needed to maintain performance, additional time for extra help/homework

Our promise is that if you get accepted, we have designed the program so that you do not need any prior education or experience. Our only requirements are:

You need to:

  • Be a high school graduate or have an equivalent diploma
  • Present a valid photo ID
  • Be able to work in the US without sponsorship

If you meet these requirements and want to start your journey to becoming a security analyst, apply below!

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