Your Partner for The New World of Work. The Prelude Institute is a new kind of school focused on assessing, training and placing people into a new kind of job - starting with cybersecurity analyst, in under one year. We think that the way people go to school is about to change in a big way.

4MM New Jobs Start a New Career in Cyber­security

There will be an estimated 4 million cybersecurity job openings by 2021. It is critical to the global economy that these careers are filled by well-trained individuals. This opportunity presents itself as one of the most vulnerable threats and largest opportunities in the new world of work.

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Why Become A Cybersecurity Analyst?

  • 1. Purpose

    Cybercrime is expected to cost the world $6T annually by 2021, and the market can't produce enough cybersecurity workers to combat the crime. The work you'll do day to day will impact the safety of citizens, organizations and your country.

  • 2. Salary

    The average starting salary for a junior cybersecurity analyst is $68,000. Tier II analysts (which Prelude will offer training for in the next year or so) earn $100,000+. This is a well-paying, high impact career that can transform your working life.

  • 3. Future-Proof

    Many careers are at risk of being automated or made less relevant by the rise in artificial intelligence & robotization. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and is becoming more important to the global economy every year.

  • 4. You Can Do It!

    We are confident that we can transform you, from zero experience, into a high-quality cybersecurity analyst. So confident, in fact, that our pricing model is built around ensuring a great, well-paying job at the end of your training.

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